Bob Miller is inspired by genuine, authentic musicians that wanted to say something rather than just search for wealth and fame. These artists were not in the mainstream but rather found a unique approach, naturally. Some examples are Duane Allman - a passionate player with a unique style, also a versatile collaborator; Ry Cooder - a refined musicologist with a sense of humor. Lowell George of Little Feat - a great storyteller, of simple evocative stories that make me feel like I'm reading a book. The first record that left an impression on Bob was Cream's Disraeli Gears 1967. His first gig was at a talent show at the American School of London (Workingmen's College cafeteria) He sang Wooden Ships by David Crosby Stephen Stills and Paul Cantnor.

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NIMROD WILDFIRE is the historically obscure, self-ironic, and metaphorical name for Bob Miller's latest music project.

When it comes to music, Bob is a Renaissance man: an avid historian, passionate poet, and industry wonk, he is both guru and perpetual student of electric guitar technique.

Corporate Refugee is NIMROD WILDFIRE's latest release (2012).